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It includes content that:

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Disputes. This site is operated for knowledge purpose and all problems will be solve by mutual understanding and cooperation, and in any condition ACIT.in management or any affiliates will be held responsible for the outcome.


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When any member post any material on the Download Section/ Message Board / Discussion Forum then all have to note that you have log in to the public area . You should use common sense and not reveal information that is not for public consumption. For example, it would be unwise to post your telephone number, address, financial, or other personal information. If you post your email address we cannot prevent anyone reading the board from using that information for solicitation or other purposes, although we strongly discourage users from abusing the message board in that manner.


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The members or anyone that have subscribed to the services of ACIT trainings and who contribute to ACIT are independent contractors with their own businesses or services. They are under no obligation to answer emails from visitors or members or ACIT, however, many of them will answer a limited number of specific inquiries. They will not engage in an ongoing relationship via email or calling anyone unless you hire them at their usual rates. Please be courteous when corresponding with our members.


  • We fully reserve all rights in regards to the nature, terms, and any other detail of any program, service, offering or product offered by ACIT and its related companies. We reserve the right to change our programs, without notice, as well any service or product offered.

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