CCNP Routing Switching
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With a 15 day CCNP Routing Switching training, ACIT ensures an end-to-end coverage of your entire CCNP blueprint which will enhance your current technical knowledge. This training will ensure a guaranteed path to succeed in understanding and helping you certify for the 3 part CCNP Certification papers i.e. Route, Switch & TShoot. CCNP Routing Switching is considered to be a stepping stone in the path to certify CCIE Routing Switching Lab exam.
ACIT's is considered to be the one of world's leading classroom based, instructor led training for Cisco Certifications. ACIT leads over it competitors way ahead in terms of infrastructure. With the highest number of Cisco equipment available for students for hands on lab preparation. CCNP Routing Switching racks are equipped to facilitate practice on ACIT's popular CCNP Practical Lab guide (Route &TShoot). ACIT offers a fully blown state of the art Lab using the latest Cisco Routers and L3 Switches to its students. The CCNP Routing Switching is created fully using physical equipment and is available to be accessed locally from within the institute as well as anywhere on the internet.
The CCNP Routing Switching training runs for the scheduled tenure with each day intensifying into a 5-6 hours session and is usually followed by practice sessions assigned by the Mentor. The lectures and hands-on demonstrations usually runs through the Cisco CCNP Routing Switching blueprint requirements. The troubleshooting, which is a third element of the CCNP lab certification is carefully considered and included while teaching Route & Switch modules. This session also covers the exam preparation tips. Very useful to CCNP Routing Switching aspirants who are serious in achieving the certification as a stepping stone in their career growth or to those who wish to secure a well-paying job. Mentors extensive experience in this domain helps students cook the perfect recipe for success.
Course Inclusions
CCNP Routing Switching training by Certified Instructor.
CCNP Routing Switching Preparation Training and exam Preparation section.
CCNP Routing Switching Lab Practical Guide authored by Quadruple CCIE Rohit Pardasani.
CCNP Routing Switching Rack Access.
ACIT's internal online CCNP mock examination.
ACIT CCNP Routing Switching Training Prerequisites
Students are expected to have an extensive CCNA level of knowledge. Extensive hands-on practice on physical equipment is highly recommended.
It is also strongly recommended that students should have undergone ACIT's CCNA training and practiced ACIT's CCNA Lab Practical Guide.